When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, Maryland Chamber Winds were faced with the cancellation of their scheduled spring performances and the 2020 Maryland Wind Festival. In the face of a time when little art was being newly created, MCW reached out to a community of composers to create six new chamber music works for winds. The resulting Maryland Chamber Winds Digital Premieres Project has allowed us to be together and participate in the creative process of bringing pieces to life through virtual collaboration. We hope this effort has given hope and purpose to the lives of the participating composers and to our incredible performers!

Nicole Chamberlain - Everything is Fine

When Tyler asked me to keep it light, I said “Oh you know me, it’s not going to get too heavy!”
With the lockdown, that part was fine… but my sister is a physical therapist [and] it’s been hard to see her deal with it and to see her face when she’s acting like everything is okay for my parents and us – and it’s not. And right as I got this commission, that’s when Georgy Floyd happened…
Everything is Fine is still not a heavy piece but it does address some anxiety, I guess. I ended up naming the piece as a sarcastic statement – because it’s not, nothing about this is fine – but it’s kind of the thing you say to get through the day and pushing towards something and not just lie down in your bed and never coming out of it again.
More info about Nicole and her music can be found at:

Premiered on July 6, 2020

 Mary Matthews, Flute; Matthew Hudgens, Oboe; Danny Mui, Clarinet; Dakota Corbliss, Horn; and Billy Beecher, Bassoon

Keaton Garrett - Newfound Intimacies

The concept behind Newfound Intimacies the mindset that we had to be put in – being isolated with social distancing and quarantining – and being newly intimate with ourselves through a period of personal reflection. The piece is in an ABA form and at the end of the A parts, each line becomes more aleatory and more personable where each of the musicians get to decide when to play each gesture and musically represents getting more in touch with oneself during the quarantine.
It’s a 3-minute bop!
More info about Keaton and his music can be found at:

Premiered on July 22, 2020

Brian Do, Clarinet; Danny Mui, Bass Clarinet; Tyler Austin, Bassoon; and Jeffrey Leung, Baritone Saxophone

Tyler Grant - Piedmont Sky

One thing I would do whenever I was writing this piece (or even on days I wasn’t writing) and when I was looking to find some good or some beauty in the world when it seemed there was so much darkness and tragedy, I would go for walks. That became a sort of ritual for me every day and I started going down to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA which helped me get out of the claustrophobia being in my little apartment.
The piece is called Piedmont Sky and is based on a picture I took of the sunset from that park. It was one of the first times since the lockdown started that I was away from my computer screen and was sitting outside, not being distracted by anything and I could just clear my head and really think about things in the bigger picture. I was trying to find something to relate to at a time where there didn’t seem much going on that I could write the music about.
More info about Tyler and his music can be found at :

Premiered on August 7, 2020

Matthew Angelo, Flute; Andrew Parker, Oboe; Brian Do, Clarinet; Danny Mui, Bass Clarinet; Rachel Hockenberry, Horn

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