Get to know one of our newest musicians – Alex Hayashi, oboe

Alex Hayashi

When was your first encounter with music?

My first encounter with music that I can remember is hearing my older sisters practicing the piano. They had been taking lessons and I knew that it was something I want to be a part of. Taking piano lessons when I was young paid off later on when I decided to join band.

When/How did you start playing your instrument?

When I joined band class in sixth grade, my band director insisted I play the oboe, despite wanting to play the saxophone. I had no idea what the instrument was or sounded like, but gave it a try. I took private lessons with my band director, who was also an oboist, and she pushed me to excel in music and the instrument.

When did you decide to make music your career?

In high school, I realized how passionate I was for music and the oboe and decided to pursue music at that point. The idea that this profession is a lifelong learning and growing process gives me an extremely motivating feeling.

What is your favorite memory of a performance?

During one performance of the Prokofiev quintet, I took a step back while playing (as I tend to move around a bit) and nearly fell off the stage. I caught myself and was quite impressed with myself, how I was able to continue playing. My friend Rosie, who was the bassist, found it to be hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. I unfortunately cannot laugh while playing, so it was a difficult challenge to keep my composure and continue playing!

What do you like to do outside of music?

During my downtime, I enjoy relaxing at home with my dog, Finley, and watching Netflix. I also like to be active – going to the gym, taking kickboxing classes, and going hiking.

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